Les premieres videos

Il existe deux vidéos peu connues du groupe :

Der Kopf des Schweins

« Der Kopf des Schweins » qui signifie en allemand « tête de cochon »

Image de prévisualisation YouTube



Et une autre intitulée  « Mokushiro » qui renvoi au terme mokushiroku qui signifie apocalypse en japonais.

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La bande musicale est le titre The struggle (la lutte) appelé aussi Hidden Track  qui est une piste cachée qui se trouve à la fin de l’album éponyme.
C’est un passage tiré du livre de Sun Tzu (très certainement adapté et remanié par Jared Leto lui-même)

“A military force established by deception of sense that you deceive enemies so that they do not know your real (revolution), and that they can establish supremacy. It is mobilized by a game in a sense that it goes into action when it sees an advantage, dividing the great bodies thought to confuse opponents and observe how they react to you so that they can adapt and situate and seize victory. Therefore when it moves swiftly it is like the ramp, when it goes slowly it is like the force. It is rapacious fire and immovable as mountains, and as swift as the wind yet it comes without a trace and withdraws like lightning and it is like a forest that isn’t growing and is rapacious as fire across a plain, not leaving a single blade of grass .But as immovable as a mountain, it’s hard to know as the dark ends up killing thunder. To ponder a locality to line up your troupes to expand your territory to buy the spoils. The rule for military operations is to feed of the enemy as much as possible however the localities where people do no have very much it is necessary to divide up the troupes into smaller groups to take what they need here and there. For when then and there, there will be enough….. Welcome to the Universe.”

Merci à mary