Elle Girl Russian mag

Parution du magazine Elle Gril Russian mag, avec en interview Jared Leto:

Traduction anglaise des parties les plus importantes :

Two events that will change everything…
In December 2009 MARS came with « This is War » it’s a new album by 30 Seconds to Mars.
In late February 2010 in Russia will premiere Mr. Nobody directed by Jaco van Dormael.

Mr. Nobody: This is a fantastic film, the effect of which begins in 2092. Protagonist (Jared Leto) wakes up 120 years old and realizes that he is – the last mortal human on the planet. And all the people around him are immortal and carefree. Mr. Nobody goes will premiere on 25 February.

Elle Girl: Have you reached a lot …
Jared Leto: And I still sometimes think that I’m in the very beginning. Is a kind of curse – no matter how long you worked, still have a feeling this.. And the impact in our business, not so good how seems from the outside – often not all of the sincerely admire your work.

Elle Girl: But you already found yourself? Or, you can still make a sharp turn in life, to understand who you are?
Jared Leto: I found myself, but it doesn’t mean that I will never doubt, don’t ask questions. This is a long way in life.

Elle Girl: I heard that you are read a serious books – on philosophy, religion. You are interested in such eternal themes as life and death, for example?
Jared Leto: Yes. For me it is a source of inspiration. Whether it’s novels by Ayn Rand (Alisa Rosenbaum; a Russian-American novelist, philosopher, playwright, and screenwriter) or philosophical treatises. For example, I love to read the works of Immanuel Kant. When you read the powerful book, with you there is always something happening. I remember reading bestseller Ayn Rand « Atlas Shrugged »: In my head all turned upside down! It was a real exercise for my brain. Since then, I use the book to recharge his inspiration.

Elle Girl: What questions do you usually to ask yourself?
Jared Leto: Questions about the selection and what the consequences will be your choices. I once heard a phrase that luck – this is a consequence of disaster. I believe in the existence of divine providence. But while I believe in what we ourselves are the custodians of the keys to our fate, the writers of our life. And in a much greater extent than is assumed.

Elle Girl: You said that you read Kant. The principle of his philosophy: all actions must obey the universal law. Whether you are follow by this law?
Jared Leto: Yes, I believe in the existence of a universal law. And it helps me in life.

Elle Girl: What do you think about the luxury and you need it?
Jared Leto: I honestly have never worked for money. If I wanted to work for the money I would go into high tech or insurance.

Elle Girl: You had a role in the film Mr. Nobody, how it influence on the new album This is War?
Jared Leto: Yeah, there existed a direct connection. During the filming in Berlin, I just worked on a new album. For example, there I wrote the song The Hurricane. However, the album mostly covers such topics as faith and the search yourselves.

Elle Girl: Do you wish to live in Europe?
Jared Leto: Most of 2007, I lived in Europe. And 2010 year I also plan to conduct in Europe.

Elle Girl: What place you take a love in life?
Jared Leto: LOVE – like a hurricane or like a rainbow. Love is appears out of nowhere. BUT IF YOU ARE CLOSED, YOU SIMPLY CAN NOT SEE it…

Elle Girl: Do you consider yourself open man?
Jared Leto: I think, yes. I very much love my job – as a musician, as a director, as an actor. It’s important to feel this feeling and part of my life. I love my fans and it’s feeling is mutual!

Elle Girl: Are you planning a new shooting in the movie?
Jared Leto: None. I’m not chasing a large number of roles. Just released a new album This is War and we are preparing to tour in support of it. We can’t always say yes. Such is life.

Merci à Aprilsun et marsalex


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