Jared leto espere la sortie de Hurricane feat Kanye West

30 Seconds To Mars singer Jared Leto has stated that the bands collaboration with Kanye West will ‘eventually be released.’

30STM’s duet with the rapper, entitled Hurricane, was meant to be released as part of their 2009 LP, This Is War, but West’s contribution to the track was cut-out before the album was finalised.

Now, Leto has told our US Team that he hopes Yeezy’s ‘phenomenal’ lyrics on the track will be included for the re-release of the tune.

Jared explained: « Let’s put it this way: It’s a collision of two worlds, and I think it’s a completely unexpected surprise.

« He’s not only on the track, but he’s phenomenal on the track… It’s one of the strongest things that he’s done, in my opinion. »

The frontman continued: « His singing is incredible on it, and he’s done a lot of really wonderful work, and I think this only adds to his work as a whole… Working with him was an incredible experience. »

Speaking of the track itself, he added: « It is a song that’s on the darker side of things. It’s the flipside of Kings and Queens – which has a through line of optimism and hope, and a really strong spirit to it – this song explores a different territory, and his lyrics do the same. »

Leto also hinted that Kanye may even star alongside him in the video for Hurricane, teasing: « I think that would be an interesting element to add for sure. We’ll just have to see. »

Source : MTV UK


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