Journal de la tournée – 16/03/2010

30 Seconds to Mars: Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia!

Posted on March 16, 2010 at 04:44 PM


What an epic journey through the snowy north to visit these four beautiful countries. Every show has had its magic. Met so many wonderful Echelon from around the world. The trips been so unbelievable we are all ready to do it again…

Poster for the Copenhagen show (and Shannon’s Bday!)

Copenhagen… our second smallest show of the tour but it surprised us all. It was Shannon’s actual birthday (March 9th) and it was a blast (threw his cake into the crowd… yum).

The bday boy

Stole few moments before the show and walked (and slid) around the cold but beautiful city. The people are so nice there they don’t even have to lock their bikes!


Took this pic of the show in Sweden.


Energy was great. Arctic temps outside and boiling in. Had some great late night Swedish food, a quick nap at the airport, and off to Helsinki we went!!!

So many great shows so far, great people, great food, unforgettable times. We love you all for giving us this gift.

I’ll tell ya about Finland and Russia soon. Till next time…

Into the wild…

Not sure who took this pic, but I love it!

The People’s Stage, as you all have dubbed it.

I never see the show from this point of view… nice pic by « hippyfood »


Impromptu art show at the Costes Hotel in Paris

First my toothpaste, now poison? No fun flying anymore.

Headed to snowy Finland

Don’t forget that INTOTHEWILD begins in LESS THAN ONE MONTH in North America. We can’t wait to see you all!

Provehito In Altum



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