Journal de la tournée – 29/03/2010

30 Seconds to Mars: Next stop, America!

INTO THE WILD BLOG WRAP-UP: Prague, Vienna, Munich, Milan and Zurich



We woke to discover, much to our delight, that right outside the tour bus was a full fledged carnival and Tomo and I went in hot pursuit of rusty rides, fried dough, and fun. Several rides had rave music pumping and a recorded voice calling out ‘comon muthaf–ka get on da ride!’ So tempting…



Check out the chicks!

Walked the chilly streets a bit more until the first headlining MARS show in the Czech Republic. Well worth the wait!

What a beautiful city…

Went to the incredible Belvedere Palace, right in the center of Vienna. Got to see Gustav Klimt’s « The Kiss » (which has always been one of my favorite paintings), among others.

Was amazing to walk the grounds and think about who used to live there…and to realize how badly I need to get one of these palaces to live in. Everyone’s invited. Sundays will be open house!
My summer house…got a good loan.
My guest house.


Had a much-needed day off in Munich. Walked a lot, found some vegan soup, bought some warm chestnuts and caught up with some old friends.

Chestnuts roasting on an empty fire.

Show was a hot mess. Packed and sweaty but amazing crowd and great German energy.




What’s not to love about Italy? Played our biggest show there yet at Palasharp and after the show a few of us even went out and did the funky chicken for one of the only times of the tour. We barely made it back in time for bus call and for the final trip to the last show in…

Night streets of Milan


The last show of the whole tour. The Fox Haus is a beautiful old art deco building and a great place to say goodbye (fittingly on neutral territory).

We did a big group photo with all our crew, SDC, and Carpark North. I surprised Carpark North and ran out on stage during their set and jumped around with them a bit. Great group of guys and really great band. Said our goodbyes, but I’m sure we will do more shows in the future.


Best time ever!

Zurich was a real goodbye show and we celebrated by playing STRANGER and EDGE OF THE EARTH.

Wow… What an adventure. It was epic, insane, beautiful, inspiring, and everything we hoped it would be. I can hardly believe it’s over! Thank you so much to everyone who came to the shows and followed from afar. We will never forget it. It was simply the best tour we have ever done and it’s all because of you. To the European travelers, the believers, the Echelon… We love you all and we will see you in Europe for the festivals in the summer!

Up next we are back on home turf and ready to rumble… North America is starting April 9th in Vegas!!! If you would like to come and join the adventure on the North American leg of the Into the Wild tour come to… for tickets and information!

We hope to see you all soon!

Provehito In Altum



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