Journal de la tournée – 30/04/2010

When we last heard from Jared Leto and 30 Seconds To Mars, they were making their way through the heartland, crisscrossing the Midwest. We rejoin them as they begin to make their way down the East Coast, revisiting some old haunts and making some new friends. Read more of Leto’s tour diaries here. 30 Seconds To Mars is currently on tour with Mute Math.

By Jared Leto

So, after a brief trip to see our ol’ Canadian friends, eat some Fresh For Life, walk around Queen Street, and enjoy Toronto, we went back Stateside to our home away from home… N-Y-C.

Ahh… the Madness of The Modern Man.

The Mars Bar…

The day after NYC we went to our friends farm, the artist LARRY SLEZAK, for some fresh air, peace and quiet, and homemade scones (courtesy of wife and daughter). Yum!!!

It was great to see our old friends and amazing to go from the craziness of the city to the peaceful countryside of Massachusetts.

My brother and I had an amazing morning on the farm and then headed to Boston to play a sold out show that night. It doesn’t get much better than that…


Back to NYC after Boston for a huge show at Roseland. Thanks to all who came and great to see our New York friends and family. Epic nights in both Boston and in New York.

PS thanks for ripping the shirt right off my back (literally). You guys are animals. XO

Thanks to my buddy Jimmy and company at the legendary Trash and Vaudeville for the electric blue jacket. Matches my hawk in a neon kinda way …


I was sick as a dog a the NYC show, but the Echelon helped me out and I made it through — turned out to be one of the best shows of the entire tour.

I woke up the next day to see this @jaredleto on Twitter…

Better than chicken soup!


Oh, I’ve been been working on our documentary « Artifact » — but more on that another time. Next we hit up one of our old stomping grounds, Washington, D.C. When I lived there, Marion Barry ran the town, and it was a very different place … memories flooded.

We went on a bike ride through the streets and visited some old haunts.

Shan riding through D.C … Georgetown.

The Potomac at sunset.

*cough cough*

I took a turn for the worse, and although I got through D.C. and a sold-out show in Philadelphia, we regrettably had to reschedule the Charlotte show to November 7. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it this time, but we’ll be back stronger and better than ever.

I took a needed day off, and after making a pit stop at Duke University in Durham to research the effects of macro fission on subatomic particles using a new form of modular contrast electron microscopy.

…We made our way to Miami.

Now here I am at The Fillmore, feeling a bit better, still hacking up a lung, writing to you, and preparing to play to our Miami, West Palm, and Fort Lauderdale peeps! Thanks to u all!!!!

See you on the next stop of Into The Wild …


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