Journal de la tournée -22/04/2010

In this installment of Jared Leto’s 30 Seconds To Mars tour diaries, we find the band as they make their way out of Vegas, through the desert and into the Midwest, with stops at the Grand Canyon along the way. Read about life on the road, check out Jared’s photos and check out 30 Seconds To Mars’ epic tour videos.

By Jared Leto

After leaving the insanity of Sin City, we went to play KFMA Day in Tucson, Arizona, with Muse. We went on stage right at sunset, and it was magic. Thanks to our family in Arizona for such a great show, and to the guys in Muse for coming to watch our set.

Left Tuscon and took a day off at the Grand Canyon. We picked a random spot and pulled over to climb around and explore, and I quickly realized I had stopped at the EXACT same spot when I drove across the country to Los Angeles for the first time well over a decade ago. Of all the gin joints … serendipitous.

A beautiful day with the gang and then out of nowhere a snowstorm. Weird but great. Got on the bus, ate a yam and some homemade guacamole, and off we went.

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When we arrived in Tulsa for the show at the Brady Theater, we grabbed our bikes and went for a ride K+Q style. We saw that Arctic Monkeys were playing across the street at Cain’s Ballroom, a cool place we used to play ages ago.

Cain’s Ballroom … It was definitely a trip down memory lane.

Chicago. A big one … Here’s the list: We checked into the hotel. It was a perfect day out — sunny and beautiful.
Went to the Sears/Willis tower and re-created the scene in « Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. »

Shannon went golfing. Tomo and I met up with the handsome Tim Virgin at Q101 and took over his show. (Thanks Tim, you still owe me dinner). Tomo bailed on us halfway but for a good reason: I set him and Shannon up to kayak through downtown Chicago at night. Someone’s gotta have some fun! :)

Tim and I met up with Kill Hannah’s own Mat Devine and wandered around the city.

We even saw Tokio Hotel:

Jetted to Milwaukee for another Eagles Ballroom/Rave show, which is always a great venue to play because there is so much history and mystery surrounding it. It’s a haunted hall, dark as hell and creepy and supposedly built with help from the Nazi party in the late ’30s for weird sacrificial rituals and other bologna. (Note: not sure if this is total BS or not but it’s the rumor du jour). I left my John Hancock in the pool room and drew a giant mural too.

Drove BACK to Chi Town for the show and ended up being invited to the Cubs game to throw the opening pitch. My first time on the dirt (as they say), and I was just happy the ball landed in his glove as it had only been about 20 years since I held a baseball. and even then it was to probably break a window or something.

Tomo’s hometown of Detroit was next, playing at The Fillmore, or as he knew it growing up, The State Theatre. It’s pretty epic to be able to play at venues that you visited as a fan of band’s playing there when you were a kid.

Now we are in Canada where I’m writing to you from our old haunt: Toronto. Very much looking forward to playing our first show in here in more than THREE YEARS!

Can’t wait to see you all on the rest of the Into The Wild World Tour. Check out dates in your city at



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