Le groupe gagne un O Music award pour le clip HURRICANE

vous pouvez voir la video ici : http://omusicawards.com/

l’article sur MTV :

Feast your eyes upon the cinematic, high-art p0rnfest that is 30 Seconds To Mars“Hurricane” video! It’s got ladies (and guys) in masks, ladies in leather undies touching other ladies, a shirtless Jared Leto, and so much dirty stuff in the 13-minute original that Jared Leto (who directed the video) posted a letter from a major TV network (not MTV) on his blog, enumerating the many things that made the video NSFW, including well, the part of the bottom where #2 leaves the body. That said, the video is a psychologically thrilling meditation on sexually deviancy, and as Jared Leto himself put it, “a meditation on the violence of sex, and the sex of violence.” It’s also TOTALLY, BALLISTICALLY HOT! Seriously, I learned things I never knew. Which is why it earned not only an O Music Award NSFW Music Video nomination but also the award itself!

credit : http://buzzworthy.mtv.com/2011/04/28/o-music-awards-30-seconds-to-mars-hurricane-video-wins-nsfw-music-video/