Reservez vos places de concert pour la tournée 2010!


19        UK, Nottingham, Arena

20        UK, Manchester, Arena

21        UK, Cardiff, CIA

23        UK, London, Wembley Arena

24       UK, Bornemouth, Bournemouth Int’nl Centre|artist=null&e|venaudit=Bournemouth+Int%27nl+Centre&filler1=see&filler2=ven-srch&orderby=date

26        UK, Dublin, O2 Arena

27        UK, Glasgow, SECC


1          Belgium, Brussels, Forest National

2          Holland, Amsterdam, HMH   amsterdam.html?affiliate=lnl&fun=tdetailb&doc=evdetailb&key=371419$800783

4          France, Lille, Aeronef

5          France, Paris, Bercy

6          Germany, Dusseldorf, Philipshalle   bin/tickets.html?affiliate=MLL&sort_by=event_datum&sort_direction=asc&fun=erdetail&doc=erdetaila&erid=372062

8          Germany, Hamburg, Sportshalle

9          Denmark, Copenhagen, KB Halle

10        Sweden, Stockholm, Fryshuset Arenan

12        Finland, Helsinki, Old Ice Hall

14        Russia, St. Petersburg, SKK Arena CLICK ON THE 30STM POSTER TO ACCESS TICKETS

17        Germany, Berlin, Columbia Hall

18        Czech Republic, Prague Incheba Arena

19        Austria, Vienna, Gasometer

21        Germany, Munich, Zenith

22        Italy, Milan, Palasharp

23        Switzerland, Zurich, Volkhaus