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Transmission: The Official Thirty Seconds to Mars Newsletter

Shannon playing acoustic guitar during a live performance of L490

This Week – 02/24/2010

Thirty Seconds to Mars is well under way with their Into the Wild World Tour, having performed shows in the UK cities of Nottingham, Manchester, Cardiff, London, and Bournemouth over the last week. 

We are excited to announce the US leg of the tour beginning on April 9th in Las Vegas and ending in Los Angeles on May 15th.  You can find a full list of the new dates listed below or by visiting the TOUR page on the official website.

Also, make sure to stay tuned to the Official Thirty Seconds to Mars Website where the band will be posting Tour Blogs about their travels around the world.

Tour Information:
- We are collecting NEW photos for another edition of the Faces of Mars. Get your picture taken at the photo booth near the merch table at each performance.
The band is collecting YOUR live videos from shows on this tour. You can upload your videos AFTER the show by going HERE.
– The show at Bercy in Paris, France will be THE NIGHT OF THE WHITE SHADOW! If you are attending, make sure to wear all white.
- The show at the Arena in Berlin, Germany will be ‘Kings and Queens’ night! Wear an outfit inspired by « The Ride« 

US Tour Tickets and Pre-Sale Information:
- We are giving Echelon ONLY an exclusive Pre-Sale at MusicToday TODAY @ 10am (Password: TRIAD)
- Public On-Sale at MusicToday TODAY @ 3pm EST
- I Love All Access VIP Packages ON SALE NOW
(Password: wild)
- Public On-Sale at – Feb. 27

While in New York before beginning the tour the band discussed the Kings and Queens music video with MTV.

MTV Kings and Queens Breakdown

Don’t forget about the Triad Global Assault Mission!

Triad Global Assault
Help us spread the word about Thirty Seconds to Mars and the new album This Is War.  Below is a link to the 12 Steps to Mars which you can use on a daily basis to help.
12 Steps to Mars
Click Here to Read NOW!

Here are some tools you can print out on your own!

Click to Download 11″ x 8 1/2″ 4ct. Flyers

Mars Stencil

Click to Download Full Size Stencil .pdf

Print Out Poster
Click here to Download the full size poster

Check out this picture from a street team mission by Echelon in China.  They printed their own banners to get the word out in their town.
If you have pictures or video from your own street team missions, please send links to
Follow the guys on Twitter

Weekly Picks From the Band

Book of the Week

The Iliad and The OdysseyThe Iliad and The Odyssey, major ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer, are among the oldest extant works of Western literature.  The written version is usually dated to around the eighth century BC.

Movie of the Week

Taxi DriverTaxi Driver is a 1976 film directed by Martin Scorsese, written by Paul Schrader, and starring Robert De Niro.  The story follows a mentally unstable Vietnam war veteran who works as nighttime taxi driver in a city whose perceived decadence and sleaze feeds his urge to violently lash out, attempting to save a teenage prostitute in the process.

Album of the Week

Nirvana -  Live at ReadingNirvana – Live at Reading
Live at Reading is a live CD/DVD released by the American grunge band Nirvana on November 2, 2009, chronicling its 1992 performance at the Reading Festival. Bootlegged for years following the performance, the new issues present the performance for the first time mastered and color corrected.

Website of the Week

2010 Vancouver Olympics

The 2010 Winter Olympics is a major international multi-sport event held from February 12–28, 2010, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.



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