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Transmission: The Official Thirty Seconds to Mars Newsletter

BBC Radio1 Big Weekend
BBC Radio1’s Big Weekend in Wales, UK

This Week – 05/26/2010

Recently returning to the United Kingdom after concluding Into The Wild North America, Thirty Seconds To Mars played for a massive crowd in Wales for BBC Radio1’s Big Weekend (click here to view photos). Next up for the band? WAR NIGHT in Allentown, PA, as well as B.O.M.B. Fest in Durham, CT.

Additional summer dates have been added! Be sure to keep tabs on forthcoming shows near you by visiting the Official Tour Page by clicking here.

Attended the Los Angeles show at the Greek Theatre? Be sure to send in your media! Send photos to, and upload videos by clicking here.

MTV Buzzworthy Blog: Jared Leto’s Tour Diary

Jared Leto's Tour Diary
Thirty Seconds To Mars go Into The Wild Pacific Northwest: Bart Cubbins’ latest endeavor, On the Road, and more. View the full blog entry by clicking here.

Tomo and Jared in Total Guitar Magazine UK
Total Guitar Magazine UK
Total Guitar Magazine recently interviewed Jared and Tomo about their choice gear. Check out the full interview by clicking the corresponding links—Pages 1 & 2, as well as Page 3.
The Making of « The Ride« 
Kings and Queens - The Ride
Missed the televised airing of The Making of Kings and Queens a.k.a. The Ride? Now you can access the full presentation via the Official Thirty Seconds To Mars Hulu channel by clicking here.

Don’t forget to request THIS IS WAR with your local radio stations, and help spread the word on Twitter using the hashtag #THEWARISCOMING! Haven’t seen the teaser for the forthcoming short film yet? Click here to view it now.
Win in the MARS Sweepstakes!
It’s your LAST CHANCE to win 1 of 8 Thirty Seconds to Mars framed video stills from the short film, « The Ride », inspired by the song Kings and Queens. Check out the full details here—the contest ends May 30, so enter before it’s too late!

Apply for Volunteer Membership with The Hive!
The Hive
As you probably have heard, The Hive has been working for Thirty Seconds to Mars to help promote the release of the album This Is War and the Into The Wild World Tour.  Well, now is your chance to be a part of the team working every day to bring MARS to the attention world.  The Hive will be accepting requests for volunteers interested in working on projects and assisting with tasks around the world!

If you are interested in becoming an official Hive volunteer, please send an email with your NAME, LOCATION, and WHY you want to be a volunteer to  We will not be able to include everyone right away simply because we are a growing organization, but we have every intention of involving anyone who is committed to volunteering.

In coming days a new website will be launched at which should clear up any misunderstanding people may have about WHAT The Hive is and what The Hive is involved with in the present, past, and future.  As an organic, grassroots marketing and promotion organization, we need help from fans around the world, but we need to know WHO is willing to dedicate the time and energy required for success!  Help us out by sending us an email.

Alyssa's Hawk
Check this out… Alyssa of Arizona showed us her colorful MarsHawk after going Into The Wild. Got a MarsHawk? Send your photo, name, and location to for a chance to be featured in the next installment of Transmission!

Don’t forget about the Triad Global Assault Mission!
Triad Global Assault
Echelon Italy brought their Triad Global Assault all the way the historical Colosseum of Rome with their homemade banner. Incredible shot, Italy!
Echelon Italy
Learn more about the Mission by clicking here, or submit YOUR photos by visiting the Official Triad Global Assault Flickr pool by clicking here.
12 Steps to Mars
Help us spread the word about Thirty Seconds To Mars and the new album, This Is War. Below are the 12 Steps to Mars which you can use on a daily basis to help. Click Here to Read NOW!
Here are some tools you can print out on your own!
Flyers •  Mars StencilFull Size Poster
Echelon France
Echelon France sent us this collage of photos of their promotion day in which they utilized self-printed promo materials to use in their city.

If you have pictures or video from your own street team missions, please send links to

Weekly Picks From the Band

Book of the Week

It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be - Paul ArdenIt’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden is a handbook of how to succeed in the world—a pocket ‘bible’ for the talented and timid to make the unthinkable thinkable and the impossible possible. Arden, the world’s top advertising guru, offers up his wisdom on issues as diverse as problem solving, responding to a brief, communicating, playing your cards right, making mistakes, and creativity, all notions that can be applied to aspects of modern life.

Movie of the Week

Man On WireMan On Wire is a 2008 documentary film directed by James Marsh. The film chronicles Philippe Petit’s 1974 high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center. It is based on Philippe Petit’s book, To Reach the Clouds, recently released in paperback with the new title Man on Wire.

Album of the Week

Fireflight - For Those Who WaitFireflight – For Those Who Wait is the third album from the American Christian rock band, and features the top charting single, « Desperate ». Peaking at #5 on Billboard’s Hot Christian Albums chart, For Those Who Wait stands as the band’s highest charting album.

Website of the Week

Books For AfricaRestoring VisionRestoring Vision is a non-profit organization that sources Reading Glasses and Sunglasses, supplying them at nominal charge to groups going on missions to developing countries, as well as domestic groups serving the underprivileged. Since inception in late 2003, they have supplied over 1,000,000 glasses to people around the world. Warby Parker has recently partnered with the organization to donate one pair of glasses for each sold. Read more about this partnership by clicking here.



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