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Hurricane shoot

This Week – 10/13/2010

MTV: Thirty Seconds To Mars Get Shirtless
On The Set Of ‘Hurricane’

MTV Hurricane Terry

MTV updates what they’ve seen on the set of « Hurricane » through the exclusive black and white photos from set, taken by famed photographer Terry Richardson. Get a glimpse of the photos HERE.

VH1: Posted – Shannon Leto
On The Set of ‘Hurricane’ Video

VH1 Posted Shannon

VH1 Posted has exclusive content from Thirty Seconds To Mars all month long. Click the video image above to hear Shannon detail the latest on all things MARS, or head to

VH1 Posted: Thirty Seconds To Mars Guitarist
Is In An Empire State Of Mind

NYC Tomo

In-between shoots for the « Hurricane » music video, Tomo shared what he loves most about being on the New York streets. Read his thoughts HERE.

30 Seconds with Thirty Seconds to Mars Promo 5

30 seconds 5

Spend 30 seconds with Thirty Seconds to Mars with their latest video promo for the Into The Wild Tour. This video appropriately showcases the band in New York City. Click the still above to view the video, or watch it on YouTube.

Vote MARS for the EMAs

Only 26 VOTING DAYS LEFT for the European Music Awards— Vote MARS for BEST ROCK & BEST VIDEO for “Kings and Queens”, as well as BEST WORLD STAGE PERFORMANCE. Polls close on November 4, but you can vote up to 100 times a day. Remember: YOU determine the winners! VOTE NOW.

Spread word of the nominations with VOTE MARS FOR EMAs avatars HERE.


Oct. 15, 2010 – Tampa, FL
University of South Florida – FREE SHOW

Oct. 16, 2010 – Pensacola, FL
Deluna Festival – (Buy Tickets)

Be sure to visit the Official Tour Page for all currently available ticket information regarding recently announced dates, printable promotional flyers, and don’t forget to check out I Love All Access for information on any available packages.

Use Twitter? Be sure to keep updated with the latest ticket releases and relating announcements by following @30SECONDSTOMARS, @iloveallaccess for VIP Ticket Packages and @MarsGoldenTix for overseas VIP Ticket Packages.

Use Facebook? Remember to « RSVP » for each event you plan on attending on the official Thirty Seconds To Mars Facebook Events Page by clicking here.

Triad Global Assault

Inspired by many of your Triad Global Assault submissions, the CANDLELIGHT TRIAD MISSION has ignited! The Echelon of Lithuania illuminated their Triad wth tiny candles:
candlelight - Lithuania
Create the Triad symbol using candlelight or any form of light in high-profile locations in your area! The bigger, the better. Get creative!

Submit your candlelight triad photos to the Triad Global Assault page, tagging photos as ‘candlelight’.

Remember: ALWAYS abide by local laws and Candles Safety Rules.

Avatar Art of the Week
Each week we’ll showcase some of the best MARS-themed avatars on twitter, facebook, and other social networks. This avatar from @fr4inteso promotes MARS for the EMAs and also pushes the Triad image as well!
Design your own avatars to promote voting, upcoming shows, or anything MARS related. You can also use or edit the avatars designed by @thisisthehive.
12 Steps to Mars
Help us spread the word about Thirty Seconds To Mars and the new album, This Is War. Below are the 12 Steps to Mars which you can use on a daily basis to help. Click Here to Read NOW!
Here are some tools you can print out on your own!
Flyers •  Mars StencilFull Size Poster

Live in or near a MARS tour stop? Promo weeks before the show date in that area! If you have pictures or video from your own street team missions, please send links to

Weekly Picks From the Band

Book of the Week
The Book ThiefThe Book Thief is a novel by Australian author Markus Zusak. Set in Nazi Germany, it describes a young girl’s relationship with her foster parents, the other residents of their neighborhood, and a Jewish fist-fighter who hides in her home during the escalation of World War II. Published in 2005, it has won numerous awards and has been listed on the New York Times Children’s Bestseller List for over one hundred weeks.
Movie of the Week
Grizzly ManGrizzly Man is a 2005 American documentary film by German director Werner Herzog. It chronicles the life and death of bear enthusiast Timothy Treadwell. The film consists of Treadwell’s own footage of his interactions with grizzly bears before he and his girlfriend were killed and eaten by a bear in 2003, and of interviews with people who knew or were involved with Treadwell.
Album of the Week
Kanye West- Runaway« Runaway » is the second single from American rapper Kanye West off of his fifth studio album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The song features rapper Pusha T. West debuted the song at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards on September 12, 2010 during a live performance.
Website of the Week
EDARWhile respecting permanent and temporary housing for the homeless in group settings which use buildings to provide shelter, EDAR addresses the unrepresented hundreds of thousands of homeless people amongst us for whom no beds are available or who are unable or unwilling to participate in those solutions.



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