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This Week – 05/04/2011

‘Hurricane’ Wins O Music Award
Hurricane NSFW O Music Award

From your votes, ‘Hurricane’ has won the ‘NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Music Video’ award at MTV’s O Music Awards! Thanks to all those who voted! Click the video above to see MARS accept the win or click HERE.

Thirty Seconds To Mars: State of the Union Live Chat

Thirty Seconds To Mars: State of the Union live chat

On Wednesday, MARS visited MTV for an in-depth live chat called ‘Thirty Seconds To Mars: State of the Union’. The guys talked about everything from their favorite songs to perform live to the state of their future. In case you missed it, watch the footage HERE.

Kiss 95.7 Live Ustream Chat

Kiss 95.7 Live Chat

This past Sunday, MARS sat down with Kiss 95.7 for a Ustream Chat. Click HERE to watch the video interview in full.


MARS Theme Nights

Here’s a reminder of the remaining theme nights on
the Closer To The Edge Tour:

May 6, 2011 – Montreal, QC SOLD OUT!
Metropolis – (Golden Tickets)

May 8, 2011 – Portland, ME
State Theater – (Buy Tickets)

Mars Tattoos

Mars Tattoos Feature
FragileBubble has a unique tattoo of the MARS Phoenix on her back.

Do YOU have a Mars-themed Tattoo? Submit your photo, name, and location to Thirty Seconds To Mars Tattoo Archive for a chance to be featured in the next installment of Transmission!

Vote for MARS
Belgium: ‘This Is War’ for TMF
US: Fuse Poll: Vote Echelon for Battle Of The Fans
US: ‘Closer To The Edge’ for VH1 Vspot Top 20 Countdown
Asia: ‘Hurricane’ on MTV Chart Attack
UK: Nominate MARS, CTTE, and Hurricane for Kerrang Awards 2011 categories
UK: Rate ‘Closer to the Edge’ as the NME Best Video of 2010
Latin America: Vote ‘Hurricane’ for MTV Argentina Top 10
Brazil: List MARS for applicable categories for Multishow
Greece: vote ‘This Is War’ for MTV Hit List Hellas
Italy: Vote ‘Hurricane’ on MTV Fanclub Charts



May 5, 2011 – Toronto, ON
Kool Haus – (General Tickets) (Golden Tickets)

May 6, 2011 – Montreal, QC SOLD OUT!
Metropolis – (General Tickets)

May 7, 2011 – Quebec City, QC
Pavilion de la Jeunesse – (General Tickets)

May 8, 2011 – Portland, ME
State Theater – (Buy Tickets)


July 29, 2011 – Manila, Philippines
Trinoma Mall – Ticket links coming soon

August 16, 2011- Belfast, UK
Belsonic (Presale Tickets Pw: 30SECS) (General Tickets)

August 18, 2011 – Belgium
Pukkelpop Festival (Buy Tickets) (Festival Site)

Be sure to visit the Official Tour Page for all available ticket information regarding current and recently rescheduled dates, and printable promotional flyers.

Use Twitter? Be sure to keep updated with the latest ticket releases and relating announcements by following @30SECONDSTOMARS, and @golden_tix for overseas and U.S. VIP Ticket Packages.

Use Facebook? Remember to « RSVP » for each event you plan on attending on the official Thirty Seconds To Mars Facebook Events Page by clicking here.

Triad Global Assault

(Correction from last week’s feature: triad was from the country of Belarus.) Echelon in Poland stood proudly to assemble this human triad:
Poland Triad
Compose the Human Triad image with friends and fellow Echelon in high-traffic or populated areas. Stand, sit, or build a pyramid in a Triad formation. Get creative and submit your photos to the Triad Global Assault Page.
Avatar Art of the Week
Each week we’ll showcase some of the best MARS-themed avatars on twitter, facebook, and other social networks. This avatar by @UK_ECHELON lets all their followers know about MARS’ latest single ‘Night of the Hunter’:
Design your own avatars to promote voting, upcoming shows, or anything MARS related. You can also use or edit the avatars designed by @thisisthehive.
12 Steps to Mars
Help us spread the word about Thirty Seconds To Mars and the new album, This Is War. Below are the 12 Steps to Mars which you can use on a daily basis to help. Click Here to Read NOW!

Here are some tools you can print out on your own!
Flyers •  Mars StencilFull Size PosterQR Code

Live in or near a MARS tour stop? Promo on the weeks before the show date in that area! If you have pictures or video from your own street team missions, please send links to


Weekly Picks From the Band

Book of the Week
Reaper Man - Terry PratchettReaper Man is a Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett. Published in 1991, it is the 11th Discworld novel and the second to focus on Death. The title is a reference to Alex Cox’s cult movie Repo Man. The Auditors of Reality are beings who watch the Discworld to ensure everything obeys The Rules. As Death starts developing a personality the Auditors feel that he does not perform his Duty in the right way. They send him to live like everyone else. Assuming the name « Bill Door », he works as a farm hand for the elderly Miss Flitworth.
Movie of the Week
HannaHanna is a 2011 American produced European action thriller film directed by Joe Wright. The film was released in the North America on April 8, 2011 and will be released in the Europe on May 5, 2011. Hanna Heller (Saoirse Ronan) is a 16-year-old girl who lives with her father, Erik Heller (Eric Bana) in the wilderness of Finland. Ever since she was born, Hanna has been trained by Erik to become an assassin. As part of her training, she has never come into contact with modern technology and has memorized a series of fake back stories for herself to be used when the time comes.
Album of the Week
 Wounded Rhymes - Lykke Li
Wounded Rhymes is the second studio album by Swedish recording artist Lykke Li. It was released in Sweden on 2 March 2011 by LL Recordings. Li spent six months writing and recording the album in the Echo Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles, while visiting the desert, rewatching Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1973 film The Holy Mountain and listening to Alan Lomax field recordings, eventually coming up with songs she calls « hypnotic, psychotic and more primal ».
Website of the Week
Amazon CaresAmazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety (CARES) seeks better health and living conditions for ALL living beings of the Peruvian Amazon region. This includes appropriate care, respect, and protection from cruelty and neglect.