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This Week – 11/25/2009

Thirty Seconds to Mars has finished the European leg of their current tour and next week start traveling around the US.  Jared, Shannon and Tomo have been twittering while on tour.  Make sure you are following to stay updated on what they’ve been up to.

This month Thirty Seconds to Mars is the featured article and cover for Kerrang! Magazine.  Click on the image below to visit the forums and discuss the contents with Echelon around the world.

Many people have been asking about promo materials and we are happy to provide these images that you can print out yourself to help spread the word that « War is Coming! »
Mars Stencil
Don’t forget!  If you Pre-Order the album This Is War now by clicking the image below you will gain access to an online chat with the band on the day of US release. (12/08/09)
Chat with the band Pre-Order

Weekly Picks From the Band

Book of the Week

Nine Stories Nine Stories is a collection of short stories by American fiction writer J. D. Salinger released in April 1953. It includes two of his most famous short stories, « A Perfect Day for Bananafish » and « For Esmé – with Love and Squalor. » (Nine Stories is the U.S. title, and the book is published in many other countries as For Esmé – with Love and Squalor, and Other Stories.)

Movie of the Week

A Charlie Brown ThanksgivingA Charlie Brown Thanksgiving based upon the popular comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz was originally aired on the CBS network in 1973. Peppermint Patty invites herself and her friends over to Charlie Brown’s for Thanksgiving, and with Linus, Snoopy, and Woodstock, he attempts to throw together a Thanksgiving dinner.

Album of the Week

The Cure - DisintegrationThe Cure – Disintegration
Most of its 12 songs are long mood pieces that develop slowly around the listener. Anchored by complex drum patterns, the layered guitars, soaring bass lines, and rich keyboards blend to create a lush, evocative soundscape that captures the ear immediately; and for all its length, the album is never boring.

Website of the Week

Banksy is a quasi-anonymous British graffiti artist. He is believed to be a native of Yate, South Gloucestershire, near Bristol and to have been born in 1974, but there is substantial public uncertainty about his identity and personal and biographical details.

Food of the Week

San LocoPret a Manger – London, UK
Mon-Sat. 11am-6pm

163 Piccadilly
020 7932 5229


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