Mars Transmission : Newsletter n°5

Transmission: The Official Thirty Seconds to Mars Newsletter

Tomo, Jared and Shannon joking with Cobrasnake

Tomo, Jared and Shannon joke around with The Cobrasnake

This Week – 10/21/2009

Thanks to everyone who has requested Kings and Queens at your local radio station station. Its now in the Top 10 on the Modern Rock Charts after just 2 weeks and we are so grateful for that!

We now have an 8″ x 11″ Download and Print Poster available for you to print at home.  You can use this to post at home, work, school, or anywhere that you want to show your support for Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Download and Print Poster
Also, in case you haven’t already heard, we are GIVING AWAY 30 GUITARS over twitter with the help of Culture Jam and Michael Kelly Guitars.  You should check it out.  Half of the guitars are still up for grabs!
30 Guitars in 30 Days
Check out this article on the contest.
Last week we started the Night of the Hunter Treasure Hunts.  The first hunts were in Los Angeles (Burbank, Long Beach, Santa Monica), but we will be doing them in a different city each week including international cities.  Stay tuned to this website for updates, photos, and new treasure maps every week.
Night of the Hunter Treasure Hunts

Weekly Picks From the Band

Book of the Week

Less than ZeroLess Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis is set in Los Angeles in the early 1980’s.  This coolly mesmerizing novel is a raw, powerful portrait
of a lost generation who have experienced sex, drugs, and disaffection at too early an age, in a world shaped by casual nihilism, passivity, and too much money a place devoid of feeling or hope.

Movie of the Week

HungerHunger was written by Enda Walsh and Steve McQueen, who also directed.  The film follows life in the Maze Prison, Northern Ireland with an interpretation of the highly emotive events surrounding the 1981 IRA Hunger Strike, led by Bobby Sands. With an epic eye for detail, the film provides a timely exploration of what happens when body and mind are pushed to the uttermost limit.

Album of the Week

Fleetwood Mac - RumorsFleetwood Mac – Rumors
« Had to include this for the romantics out there. This album was part of the soundtrack of my brother’s and my youth. Does anyone remember having to flip the album over to hear the other side? » – Jared

Website of the Week

MusiCares provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. Their services and resources cover a wide range of financial, medical and personal emergencies, and each case is treated with integrity and confidentiality. MusiCares also focuses the resources and attention of the music industry on human service issues that directly impact the health and welfare of the music community.

Food of the Week

Belga QueenBelga Queen – Brussles, Belgium
Mon - Sun: 12:00 - 14:30, 19:00 - 24:00

Rue du Fosse-aux-Loups 32, Brussels 1000
+32 2 217.21.87



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