Le journal de tournée de 30 Seconds To Mars – 6 mai 2010

Jared Leto’s Tour Diary: 30 Seconds To Mars Hits The South, Takes Home Courtney Love’s Lipstick As A Souvenir

Jared Leto his been keeping us up to date on all of 30 Seconds To Mars’ travels, sightseeing and pit stops. And we’ve got another update right here. When we last heard from 30 Seconds, they were taking their « Into The Wild » tour down the East Coast with Mute Math. Get the latest on them, with another grab bag of 30 Seconds To Mars photos and thoughts from the road. And read more 30 Seconds To Mars tour diaries written by Jared Leto.

By Jared Leto

We’ve been traveling through the wild and wonderful dirty South for the last week, hitting Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and now Missouri. It’s been a journey of dreams, so thank you to everyone who’s been along for the ride.

Me and my brother, Shannon, overlooking the Mississippi before playing the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis.

Sunset on the Delta

Shannon on the tube …

B. Cubbins rides again …

Our family in Orlando

Mars body paint



The longest boat in America …

The best crew in the world!

Courtney Love’s lipstick. Watched Hole play in Dallas. Courtney sounded amazing and beat the s**t out of the crowd. They loved it.


Deftones in Dallas

Truck Stop WTF

St. Louis

I look forward to seeing more of you on the West Coast. Some special announcements will be made shortly so stay tuned to 30SecondsToMars.com.


+ Plus: Watch Jared throw out the first pitch at a Cubs game!

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