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30 Seconds to Mars – This is War tour -exclusive photos

photography by jhs
words by jhs/jason wells

This Is War. It is 30 Seconds To Mars declaring war on the unbelievers. It is Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, and Tomo Miličević tearing onto the stage and attacking their normal draw (2,000 to 5,000 fans per show) like lions ripping away the flesh from a fresh kill.

Never let anyone tell you a former pretty boy actor (My So Called Life, Fight Club. . . ) cannot rock. Billboard Magazine said 30 Seconds To Mars’ newest album is, »epic rock at its most affecting. » Billboard is right.

As 30 Seconds To Mars continues its summer tour of Europe and Australia, their sound continues to defy the norm. This Is War obliterates 30 Seconds To Mars previous work. Their music has given way to a stronger, more complex arrangements with overwhelmingly powerful sounds… unbelievably only generated by three men.

Leto screams out to the crowd, « you sound like 20,0000, not two! » He is rewarded by their hungry fervor, crying out for more.
Leto grips his mic as he roars into the title track off of their new album, This Is War.

The crowd erupts into mayhem. 2,500 bodies press together, sweat together, and shout out the song’s words in perfect timing with Leto leading them as if he were their pink mohawk piped piper.

Within the crowd, all ages are represented. The women who grew up watching Leto on his Indy hit, My So Called Life. Teenage girls and boys taking part in their youthful reckless right to rock, and men in their late 30’s who undoubtedly know Leto from his guts to blood performance in Fight Club.

Half way through the set, Leto disappears. He exits stage right as Tomo Miličević searing lead guitar keeps the audience captivated. A young man in his late teens climbs over the crowd. He’s a prophet possessed by a message, fighting to be heard over their roar. « He’s back there! Man, he’s right behind you! » The rail thin adolescent points to the back of the theater. At first, few hear him, only to ignore him. But the prophet persists, « man, I’m telling you all he’s behind us! »

From the balcony and my reserved media seat, I see Leto take position in the the sea of fans. He’s in the lower back section of the venue. In this moment, Leto reminds me of Bono during U2’s epic performance at Red Rocks. Bono, the fan’s man. The one who never believed the crowd would hurt him, instead thriving on their love of him…. for him.

Leto smiles as a tech hands him a microphone and surrounded by fans, their hands touching, their eyes glowing, he begins to sing.

Whatever Leto is belting out, I don’t hear it. Instead, inside my head, I hear U2’s « 40″ just as it was sang at Red Rocks. « I will sing, sing a new song. I will sing, sing a new song. How long, to sing this song. How long, to sing this song. »

You cannot help being drawn into Leto’s enthusiasm. He’s hungry. He’s hungry for their outstretched hands, for their love, and he will do anything in this moment to bring their love to it’s fruition.

Source : Rockville magazine


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