Shannon Leto interview – festival Epicenter

Thirty Seconds to Mars plays Epicenter this Sunday, on the heels of winning best rock video at the MTV Video Music Awards for the group’s « Kings & Queens. »

Formed by Jared Leto, center, who sings and plays guitar, and brother Shannon Leto, right, who plays drums, the band has had hits with songs like « The Kill, » « From Yesterday » and « This Is War. » Tomo Milièeviæ, left, plays lead guitar.

The band hasn’t had the smoothest of paths. In 2008, the group was sued for $30 million by Virgin Records; the company alleged breach of contract in delays getting an album out. That experience inspired the band’s latest album, « This Is War. »

But, with the album, the band also grew closer to its fans. The band members invited fans to join their « Faces of Mars » campaign to get their pictures on the album’s cover. They also hosted a fan « Summit, » where fans got together and the band used them as an instrument for the album.

Shannon Leto took the time to talk about the band’s connection with its fans while on tour in Mexico in late August.

Q: You’ve always been devoted to your fans. You’ve had the Summit and the Faces of Mars. How are you able to get so engaged with your fans? Is that something you set out to do from the beginning?

A: My brother and I were always interested in sharing the experience with the people who were watching and listening. It grew from there. It kind of took a life of its own. From the very first show, meeting them after we played to doing special little secret hunts on the Internet to doing the 2000 Faces of Mars for CD covers to having them come up on stage and sing « Kings and Queens, » our last song, we try to do as much as possible to incorporate them.

Q: You’re very active on Twitter. The Internet has been helping keep that interactivity with bands. How do you think that has changed the ballgame for artists in general?

A: Accessibility. The reach on the Internet is worldwide. I think even when I started playing, it wasn’t like that. We try to utilize that as much as possible. It’s an important vehicle to get the word out and let people know what we’re doing. It’s fun, and they can communicate with us and vice versa.

Q: Your sound has evolved over the last three albums. Do you look at each one as a snapshot of the time?

A: Absolutely. It was a direct reflection of that time. The first one was everything Jared and I experienced throughout our lives. The second one was that period of time. This third one really encapsulated the couple of years we experienced: We were being sued for $30 million; the financial meltdown around the world had an impact on us; the challenges around the band and personal growth. There’s more of our personalities in this last album than any other one.

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