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Jared Leto en interview dans le magazine espagnol Twist magazine :

Being face to face with Jared Leto and not going speechless is impossible. When he looks at me with his deep blue eyes I feel that he can read my darkest thoughts. This man is so sexy that makes your bones ache. But not just because of his face or his dramatic look. Jared is also a sensitive guy. Though he has said he hates fame and the exaggeration that surrounds his public figure, he’s extremely kind and respectful when he addresses to the media…..

But, of course, he´s a showman and knows his job to perfection. He’s a big screen actor (though he began his career in TV with My so called life), rock star and an artist. Every time he goes up on stage the public waits for something extravagant: the sound of a Simphony Orchestra, an unpredictable lightshow, anything, just as long as he takes us out of reality for a while. After a five year break, 30 seconds to mars, the alternative rock band he leads, launches This is War. “It´s a record that tries to go to war, fight against oneself and ends up winning the war” Leto says…..

This is War is an introspective record, did you have to overcome a lot of personal battles yourself?….

We all do, either we like it or not. This record is a study about personal growth, overcoming challenges, becoming the people we really are. This is a very confessional and personal record…..

What inspires you?….

Everything inspires me, from literature to visual arts to my trips and my experiences. I find inspiration on the real world, but also on a certain amount of imagination and abstract thinking. This record is about people and I think my inspiration is humanity…..

You’re one of the few actors that jumped into music and were taken seriously by the audience…….

It´s true but, I think it is the result of a lot of hard work, consistence and the conviction that this is my world. We have thousands of fans around the world who enjoy our music and understand what 30STM means. That’s why they don’t see me as an actor who’s having a great time…..

How do you define the band in terms of music?….

We have always been a little odd, musically and in the way we present ourselves on stage. We are the weird guys; sometimes other bands come to us when we’re on tour and study us. We like being respected by our fellows, it’s fun, but on top of everything there’s work and the hours we spend playing together every day. We are not a t-shirt and jeans kind of band; when we go up on stage we present ourselves in a unique way, that I hope it gives the audience a different enthusiasm. ….

What do you think about being considered an emo band?….

To tell you the truth, I don’t have a good opinion on emo people. Maybe in other countries the word emo has a different meaning, but is something that I’ve never identified myself or my music with…..

Is fashion important to you?….

No, but I think individuality is important to express yourself with the clothes you’re wearing. To us it is important in the way we use it for live performances…..

What kind of music did you like?….

Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, bands with a certain esthetic, that really believed in who they were…..

Would you have liked to be the vocalist of one of those bands?….

I wouldn´t like to be someone other than me…..

In this moment, are movies more important than music or vice versa?….

Both worlds are important to me, I’m an actor and a musician, but I don’t like to divide myself. If I’m on tour now , I concentrate only on music, and when I finish, if I find a project on film that catches my interest, I’ll do it; on the contrary, I’ll go on with my music…..

How do you manage your relationship with fame these days?….

What I hate of my profession is the amount of people that gives an opinion about my life without knowing anything about me. On the internet emerged a great load of bloggers that became the new source of information, and not everything they write about is based on the truth. I find interesting to see how some celebrities behave, using these blogs to their own benefit and making money out of being famous, but that’s just disgusting.

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